Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Protect your car against theft

The national body with the responsibility of coordinating the response to the problem of vehicle theft is the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB). This is a not-for-profit corporation that liaises between local and national law enforcement, the FBI, the manufacturers, and the insurance industry. It's also responsible for establishing lines of communication with the public to ensure you help out. After all, if owners walk away from their vehicles leaving the keys behind, this helps the thieves. The manufacturers can have put every possible security measure in place, but it ultimately comes down to the majority protecting their property. If you're tempted to rely on the comprehensive auto insurance policy, remember the premium rate rises every year. The reason is the volume of claims. If you contribute to the total by making a claim yourself, the quote when you come to renew is not going to make comfortable reading.

Check the NICB site for the latest list of the vehicles it's easiest to steal. If at all possible, don't buy anything in the top ten for your state. One emerging factor is the ability of professional thieves to steal the key codes for specific vehicles. In the first three moths of 2012, there have been about one-hundred thefts a month using replacement keys and stolen codes. The NICB is working with the manufacturers to repair this security breach.

More generally, it comes down to you to protect your own vehicle. Remember, if you claim, the premium rate will rise sharply the next time you're looking for cheap car insurance. This is not good news in these difficult economic times. So use your common sense and park where there's a reasonable level of security. Many makes and models come with alarms fitted as standard. Think about adding some technology to prevent a thief from driving your vehicle away and, if the immobilizing device is defeated, a tracking device to find where it's gone. The more you protect yourself, the higher the discounts and so the easier to find cheap car insurance.

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